Oct 12,2023
Author: Phuong Vy

Ho Chi Minh City_ Automech introduces products and technology to apply modern laser technology, organizes a seminar on laser technology, at MTA Vietnam 2023 from July 4 – 7.
Following the success of the MTA Vietnam exhibition in July 2022, MTA VIETNAM 2023 returns promising many breakthroughs. The 19th international exhibition on machine tools, precision mechanics and metal processing – MTA VIETNAM 2023 lasts from July 4-7, 2023 at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC). At this year’s exhibition, Automech brings many modern products and technologies with a display space of 204m2 – the largest area in area B. Bringing great space and product experience to visitors.


Automech – A complete and comprehensive provider of sheet metal processing equipment and solutions in Vietnam
Automech Mechanical Equipment and Solutions Joint Stock Company is a complete and comprehensive provider of automation solutions in the mechanical industry. The company’s strength is modern integrated technology in products and design of complete production solutions.

In addition, Automech also widely supplies the market with superior equipment for the mechanical and automation industries, sheet metal, steel structures, precision mechanics, many ancillary products, and maintenance and repair services. industrial equipment repair.

MTA Việt Nam

Automech with outstanding products and technology at MTA VIETNAM 2023 exhibition
As a bridge between modern equipment and technology in the world to customers in Vietnam, the Company has also provided many high-class equipment to the market. Especially worth mentioning is the first 30KW laser cutting machine in Vietnam, the unprecedented high-power laser tube cutting machine in Hanoi. Participating in this MTA VIETNAM 2023 Exhibition, Automech introduces many diverse products and processing equipment applying outstanding Laser technology.

12KW fiber laser cutting machine: Perfect design, strong performance, extremely high accuracy.
Laser tube cutting machine T6022D: The product is capable of cutting a variety of different tube profiles as well as material thickness.
Laser welding machine, Laser engraving machine: Compact design, high applicability, flexible in many fields.

MTA Việt Nam

In addition to introducing and describing in detail the products on display, receiving additional information, needs, and desires about the type of product that customers are looking for, Automech also organized a specialized seminar on application. laser technology. Helping visitors have the most intuitive and accurate view of laser technology

The conference attracted a large number of visitors with new content such as:

  • How has the laser method replaced old machining methods in steel structures?
  • How to optimize laser tube cutting machine in tube processing
  • Han’s outstanding laser features that few brands can do

It can be said that the 19th MTA VIETNAM 2023 exhibition event has opened a new chapter for opportunities and connections. Accordingly, Automech had the opportunity to meet, discuss and receive product needs of visitors. Automech promises to bring more quality products, high performance, modernity and the most practicality