Automech officially distributes EKO electric shock machines

Oct 13,2023
Author: Phuong Vy

EKO electric shock machines are manufactured according to strict quality standards. The Q345E steel frame is annealed to 1200° before undergoing precision machining and careful assembly.

EKO presses operate on the dual servo control principle, with the Y1 (left ram) and Y2 (right ram) axes controlled by powerful Sanyo servo motors. This design enables the highest speed and accuracy available, while reducing operating costs.

In addition, the EKO press is equipped with a quick-release tool clamp on the front, ensuring efficiency by saving time on tool changes.

EKO has partnered with premium robot manufacturers such as Kawasaki, Kuka and Yaskawa to ensure their machines are perfectly suited for high-speed robotic bending applications.

The EKO press is equipped with “NC Max” CNC Control. Graphics control STEP (Germany) and Delem (Netherlands). The Delem DA66T Controller is equipped with Profile-T offline software with a 17-inch touch screen interface and user-friendly graphics for easy CNC programming and flexible operation.

By building on Japanese and European style servo machines, EKO has demonstrated its superiority by capturing 70% of the domestic market for high-speed electric servo presses.

With the extensive cooperation between Automech and EKO, we promise to bring a perfect choice with economical prices for sheet metal manufacturing and processing customers in Vietnam.